The surgeon's sonar

Augmented Arthroscopy for Enhanced Cartilage Repair

Preservation Surgery


Cartimage is a Medical Device company founded in 2014 as a spinoff of the University of Grenoble-Alps, in France. Our goal is to develop per-operative imaging devices to help surgeons preserve original tissues in order to prevent long-term adverse effects.


Our first objective is to Save the Meniscus. Our device, ChondroSight, will be a guidance for knee arthroscopic procedures, showing which meniscal lesions can be repaired with a high probability of success.

Currently, only 20% of meniscal lesions are repaired ; 30% are left in place and 50% lead to meniscectomies. Our goal is to reach as high as 60% of repair.


Beyond the knee meniscus, our device also has applications in lung surgery, shoulder tendinoplasty, and cartilage repair.



Intra-Articular Ultrasound Cartimage was awarded grant prizes in 2015 (French Ministry of Research’s ILAB competition) and 2016 (Bpifrance’s Concours Mondial d’Innovation) and is now open to private equity investment. Concours Mondial Innovation 2016

Concours I-LAB 2015 Créadev


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