Meniscal Repair

Using photoacoustics, our probes detect meniscal vascularization and allow surgeons to detect all instances where the meniscus can be repaired. All surgical guidelines for knee arthroscopy now recommend to preserve the meniscus.

Out of 3M meniscal procedures performed each year in the world, up to a third could be repaired, for a global market upwards of $2B.

This will benefit both patients, as saving the meniscus prevents osteo-arthritis, and manufacturers of suture hooks and other meniscal repair instruments.

Shoulder Arthroscopy


The rotator cuff's tendons in the shoulder can be afflicted with hidden lesions such as calcific tendinitis, which are not visible with the arthroscope. Our arthroscopic ultrasound probe allows surgeons to pinpoint the exact location of the lesions and treat without damaging the surrounding tissue.



Our thoracoscopic ultrasound probe allows surgeons to operate on hidden lung lesions without the need for palpation and thoracotomy (opening the ribs), in order to precisely detect the position of the lesions (cysts, nodules, tumors) in a deflated lung. Surgeons can thus perform segmentectomy instead of lobectomy, preserving as much lung parenchyma as possible.

This is particularly important for pediatric surgery, to remove as little lung tissue as possible in order not to jeopardize the child's growth and respiratory capacity.